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Massage health and beauty benefits

A massage is a simple and healthy way to relax and reduce stress. It is a great way to loosen our stiff sore muscles. It can also be a mean of expressing our devotion and attention to our loved one, or just part of our daily health care and beauty routine.

Massaging your body on a regular basis will keep you healthy, relaxed, happy and beautiful. You can easily learn it yourself. It only takes a small amount of effort to give a massage, but causes great pleasure. Partners who practice massaging on a regular basis, enjoy fuller and healthier relationships. Visit our video massage or massage tutorial section. You'll find out how easy it is to start.

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Health benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy is manipulation of soft tissues of the body, skin, muscles, connective tisue and tendons. It is healthy because it relieves stress and enhances the body's own healing capability. Massaging tissue helps the blood flow through the tissue.
A simple beauty health massage will help you regain energy and relax. Doctors say it helps your body look healthier and more attractive. Read more about health and massaging

massaging with heat is a common practice by heat massager and includes using warm objects during beauty health massage

Massage techniques

There are over 200 massage therapy techniques. Some focus mainly on physiological effects, while others include psychological and even spiritual components. Usually they differ on massage techniques used, level of pressure and force applied, usage of lotions, powders, massage tools, massage accessories and the theory of school of thought.
Experiment with massage techniques and find the one that fits your preferences.

Swedish massage

is the most common used massage technique in the United States. It includes long, smooth strokes and kneading massage movements. Usually a massage therapist gradually increases pressure. It includes massaging with hands, arms and elbows. Massage oil or lotion is usually used. Swedish masage is the best thing to choose if you never had a massage before.

Sports massage

Typically is used before, during or after sport activities.

Heat massage

Many massage practices include usage of heating pads or sometimes hot stones. Various massage techniques aim to achieve similar effect by a rapid hand friction that heats the muscles.

relaxing health & beauty massage - day massage, or evening massage -